I will start a weekly blog series from now on. Tune in every Monday for new blog posts.


Death Cab For Cutie - Information Travels Faster. This song is wayy too smooth.


Almonds Cookies and Chocolate Star Peanut Butter Cookies. This is why I am excite for Christmas.


Wanna do some project like this soon. Pretty cool when vintage meets retro.



my sketch of my fave blogger christine.



Anorak and bunny sweat shirt from F21. My mom got me the sweat  bcus she said “it’s too you”. Jeggings. Moccasins. Circle scaft. House by MBMJ.



Deep Galaxy Nails.

Have a good week folks!

after i’m done with my last final in 3 hours, i will go for a run, bubble bath, lay on the couch and watch the office, clean, pack and go on a sweet escape.

I have came to this point of my life when bad thing happens, i choose to accept, understand the reason and hope for better. It’s not like I’m careless, I just care less.

Cannot wait to say buhbye to textbooks and get started on this.

Wasn’t about to post this, cus my hair looks gross.. but oh well I just love this outfit too much to skip on the hair. More pictures of this outfit coming soon in the near future.

Pictures from my frd Michelle’s Bday dinner. she looks absolutely stunning.

I don’t have a choice… But I still choose you.

Sweater:  thrifted.

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07 Oct 11 at 8 pm
tags: outfit  of  the  day  jeff  brother  mcqueen  shoes 

Since I have been sooooo busyyy  so there is just no time to do OOTD anymore. But I guess for this OOTD..I will get Jeff featured again.

I miss him :(. I’m so in need of a vaca right now. I wish I could escape to England again so he could drive me to the beach and make me food.

Remember my Leopard Nails that I was in love with and my recent Golden Glitter Nails? I put them together since I got bored of the glitters and they last forever…


Glitter nails with leopard french tips ftw. 

A burnt picture of my OOTD before my camera ran out of battery.

Good night strangersxx. another week of endless study nights for me. I need a vaca…someone should donate me a vaca please. :(.

17 Sep 11 at 1 pm
tags: ootd  outfit  of  the  day  fall  neutral  cream  lace  prudence 

Fall is finally here in Nebraska. Idk if I was excited for fall since I was still loving laying outside in the sun. For the last couple days it has been gloomy, windy, chilly and cold…I got catch up with an allergy so i was sick and still on recovery.

My outfit for Friday. Lace shirt with leggings and tone it up with a wrapped scarf.

Shirt and Leggings: TJMax. Scarf: my brother’s gift. Shoes: Mia.

More blogs coming. I have been so busy with school so it’s always nice to have a Saturday morning to blog. I am home now celebrate my frds’ wedding.

30 Jun 11 at 12 pm

Last day of June. Thank you Jesus for surrounding me with old friends these days. It feels great to give out loving memories to people, especially here. I have been out meeting old frds from the beginning of the week. Seems like I am chasing the time right now. People know that I am leaving soon, so they are asking me to hang out and stuffs. I am happy.

An outfit post? Met my sis for movie the other day, and she gave me a bag of goodies. I have been wanting the Purity bottle since forever. Late bday presents won! I love my sister. she is one of my faves :) xoxo

everything in this outfit is thrifted haha.

Just a week left in Hanoi. I know it will fly. And somehow I know I will be sad to leave. I will miss everything here for sure. The rain, the people, everything…